What, Why, and Where to Start


What is Email marketing?

So what is email marketing, email marketing at its core is pretty straightforward.  It’s the use of email messages sent to a list of subscribers to advertise or promote brands, products offers events or pretty much anything you want. Now that core definition of email marketing may be simple but email marketing has come a long way in recent years and there’s actually quite a bit more to it today. We will be discussing more of those advances later in this guide. but first let’s go over why you need email marketing in your business.


[expersona_user] This is why do you need Email marketing in your business?

The need for email marketing is one of those things you just can’t argue with because the numbers are just too clear and astounding to ignore. According to a to a report by DMA the average return on investment for email marketing these these days is:


Email marketing $38 for every $1 spent


$38 for every $1 spent and 80% of business professionals report growth of in customer acquisition and retention resulting from email marketing there’s nothing else like it not even social media comes close leads are twice as media comes close.


[expersona_user] Leads are twice as likely to opt in to your email list than they are to engage with your business on Facebook and if you thought social media and search engines were the key to growing your business think again.   Email conversion rates are higher than both conversion search and social combined this should search and social combined this should  come as no surprise really come as no surprise really consumers have repeatedly insisted that consumers have that they like getting promotional messages via email.  Over 70% of consumers say email is their preferred channel for business communication and 60% even say they want to receive your marketing emails weekly or more often.  So in light of all the recent trends and data there’s really no questioning the critical importance of email marketing in your business. If you’re not using email marketing in your business it’s time to start right now. The only question is where do you get started.


Where to start?

Popular platforms that can handle most of these functions include:


Email Auto responders



As you can see [expersona_user]there are a ton of email marketing platforms out there for you to choose from.  You should dedicate a day or two to researching each one comparing features  and pricing and determining which one is best for your business once you’ve chosen an autoresponder service it’s time to start thinking about email marketing strategies.


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