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If you have not already read the post about the Email marketing training

this page will make little sense. Please read the blog post here first: http://entreprenhersmartgirl.com/what-why-where-to-start/

Hi and thank you for the overwhelming interest in my Email marketing training

You have probably heard the old adage ‘The Money is in Your List’ and like a lot of people you may have thought that this was just too much work. Or that you didn’t need a list at all. Your thoughts drifted to just driving traffic to your website and then people would purchase what you had to offer.

This is the mind set of many new marketers. So they go off and start setting up a site with lots of offers. But what happens is that they see no sales. People are visiting and then leaving. What you need is a way to keep those people on your site. The easiest way to do this is by offering them a freebie in exchange for their email address.  You must must give something of real value otherwise your not respecting your list.

On this page you can access Email Marketing - What, Why and Where To Start

You get pdf ebook, four videos and four audio files (complete course) 

Email Marketing - What, Why and Where To Start will be accessible to 30 people (Today Only)…

And No I won’t be charging you for it either… but I won’t be just giving it away willy-nilly either. You

see, if I just give this training away without any commitment on your part the likelihood is you will

not see the value in it and therefore do nothing with it.  So this will be your commitment (If you accept it)

In order to receive full access to Email Marketing - What, Why and Where To Start ($147 Value) I will ask you to purchase one very cheap (but effective) product through my link…

In total it will cost you around $47 (I understand that $47 may be too much for some – but that’s the

deal here)  

Purchasing this product through me is your commitment… and doing so will get you access to

Email Marketing - What, Why and Where To Start

The product is...

#1. Leadifly

Full details of the product, what it does and all the links can be found here: Click Here

There are no exceptions… Leadifly is the real deal... Lead generating WordPress plug-in which connects to Facebook to retrieve user data. you should follow this formula - starting today!

​Check out this page (same link as above): Click Here

About the product...


Here’s how it goes…

#1. Install on your wordpress site 

#2. Connect with Facebook

#3. Share your Leadifly Links

#4. Start collecting REAL LEADS

There are many products, tools and methods launched nearly every day of the week… some are

good, some are not… some get lots of exposure, while others do not.

Leadifly is very good. But it did not get the exposure it rightly deserves. If you’re at all

interested in building your list without the need of the person to type in there email then I highly

recommend you check this out –


This my preferrred method to create my list.  

Access to  Email Marketing - What, Why and Where To Start

will be delivered instantly after purchasing the product mentioned above.



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